The thinking behind Moneybunnies

I have two (grown) children of my own. When they were young, I tried my best to teach them about money. Whenever a commercial came on TV that had them hooked, I'd call out "What do they want?!" "Our money!" they'd shout back. It was our joke. They say sometimes they still hear my voice calling "What do they want?!" during moments of consumer temptation.

I've had to be careful with money all my life because I was an art and film student, then a musician, then a cartoonist. I built my home from songs and sketches. That doesn't mean I was good with my freelance accounts – I was terrible at math – just that I had to think harder than most folk. It didn't help being numerically dyslexic either. But when I thought of my accounts pages as diary pages, full of memories, accounting became more fun.

Financial literacy for children was a subject that caught my imagination a number of years ago. I wanted to create a series of books that helped children understand not only basic money concepts like earning and spending, but also more abstract concepts, like why some children's parents had more money than others, or why parents have to work. I went to school with children from the wealthy side of the tracks, and I could have done with a book that reassured me that having less money didn't make me less "valuable."

The reward for my hard work? EARN IT! published by the wonderful Nancy Paulsen Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group, which will be available from August 15 2017.

SPEND IT! will be the next book in the Moneybunnies series. Oh what fun!

So exciting ...

Bun is looking so forward to her birthday on August 15th.


Making the book

I drew the drawings and the words with a pencil, and the book's title, with pastel. My method? I practice, practice, practice until I'm happy with the way the words look. I want to be a great typographer!