The thinking behind Moneybunnies

I have two (grown) children of my own. When they were young, I tried my best to teach them about money. Whenever they were hooked on a TV commercial, I'd call out "What do they want?!" "Our money!" they'd shout back. It was our wee joke.

Some people don’t think I’m qualified to write about money. But the way I see it, I’ve achieved the equivalent of an economics degree because I’ve managed to keep financially afloat despite being a single mum, an artist, writer and musician and a child whose got her own (Billie Holiday).

Financial literacy for children was a subject that caught my imagination a number of years ago. I wanted to create a series of books that helped children understand not only basic money concepts like earning and spending, but also more abstract concepts, like how having money money doesn’t make you a better person, or why parents have to go to work. I believe the more children understand how money works, the happier their lives will be. I wish I had my books when I was a child.

SPEND IT! was launched March 2019

EARN IT! was launched August 2017

SAVE IT! and GIVE IT! coming soon…

This is Cinders McLeod ...

Cinders McLeod is the creator of the book and comic strip Broomie Law. Her illustrations have appeared in The Guardian, The Express, The Observer, The Independent, Herald Scotland, The Scotsman, The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s, and on CBC television. Her work has been recognized by the Society for News Design, The National Newspaper Awards, the National Magazine Awards and The Guinness Book of Records. Cinders is also a recorded singer-songwriter-double bassist, a Gaelic language student, and a mother of two. She lives in Toronto, Canada.